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Using Competency Modeling to Drive Results

As a consulting firm that provides end-to-end human capital services, AvantGarde often works with clients whose needs center around simply obtaining a better understanding of their workforce so that they can make better decisions in an equitable and clear way. Gaining that knowledge can help leaders make data-driven decisions in human capital areas such as training, recruitment/hiring, and even performance and pay. One clear way that organizations can make these data-driven decisions is through the building and maintaining of competency models.

What is Competency Modeling?

Competency modeling is a systematic and repeatable process for building a framework by analyzing key job functions, tasks and identifying the requisite knowledge, skills and abilities to successfully perform the work. The resultant model describes the essential job-related behaviors and proficiency standards an organization needs to fulfill its business capabilities and achieve a competitive advantage. Competency models not only defines what high performance should look across business areas, its application is strategically aligned to key human capital areas.

How can organizations benefit from Competency Modeling?

Each organization’s uses of competency modeling differ according to its specific business and human capital goals, however a high performing workforce is a shared ‘end game’. AvantGarde’s consultancy team works with our clients to first identify current and future strategic business priorities and derive the necessary workforce capabilities that drive peak performance of its employees. For example, clients may require workforce planning, succession planning, and training development to identify future work requirements, and the technical expertise and leadership capability necessary to meet those requirements.

Competency Modeling offers an organized approach and standardized processes to identify the knowledge, skills, and abilities essential in a format that can be utilized to effectively assess and identify gaps. Once identified, the organization can readily use competencies to employ human capital initiatives, business process improvements, and technology to close workforce skill gaps. Models are valuable to optimizing talent acquisition (consistent hiring standards); talent development (competency-based training and development), performance management (uniform performance standards and measurement), and career management (competency-based career pathing). Competency development is a vital component of ensuring workforce readiness.

AvantGarde’s Expertise in Competency Modeling and Workforce Planning

AvantGarde recognizes that organizational success relies on its ability to continually forecast its workforce planning needs and implement human capital interventions that promote high performance. We take pride in our data-driven and people-focused approach to helping our federal clients meet future business challenges by defining mission aligned jobs, identifying the relevant job functions, and preparing the workforce to successfully perform those functions.

AvantGarde has extensive experience in workforce planning and competency modeling, partnering with our client teams to integrate data analytics to facilitate measurable process standardization and greater strategic alignment. In addition, our comprehensive solutions ensure change management, communications, and risk mitigation are incorporated early and throughout the effort so that leadership, stakeholder groups, and staff stay well-informed and engaged. Our team of I/O Psychologists are trained to understand the need, manage the data collection, and perform competency analysis. AvantGarde even has a technical team that has developed a workforce management tool with survey and analytic technologies called the Workforce Management Office (WMO) to support the competency modeling process.

Clients that have already utilized AvantGarde’s competency modeling expertise include the U.S. Department of Transportation and the U.S. Department of Education.

Do you think your organization is ready for competency modeling, customized by our experienced team of Human Capital experts? Contact Regina Krasner to learn more about our solutions or visit the AvantGarde capabilities website.


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