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Contract Vehicles

We have the honor and fortune to hold several contract vehicles through which to work with clients and partners:

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Under the FAR, federal agencies can hold a targeted competition for contracts set aside under the WOSB Program through which we are Certified and can compete. There is no ceiling for contracts set aside through the WOSB Program. For rules and instructions on WOSB click here.

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GSA is in the process of streamlining its 24 Schedules into one consolidated schedule – MAS. As a current contract holder of two GSA Schedules that will be moved to MAS, our services are now accessible through the following MAS Categories:


Professional Services – Business Administrative Services, Category: 541611

AG’s previous Professional Services Schedule (Contract #GS-00F-114DA) is now aligned to Category 541611 under MAS, which covers a broad scope of professional services including management and financial consulting, strategic and organizational planning, busines process improvement, facilitation, surveys, assessments, program management, and financial reporting and analysis.


Human Capital – Human Resources, Category: 541612HC

AG’s previous 738x HR Schedule (Contract # GS-02F-030DA) is now aligned to Category 541612HC. Services that can be procured under this category includes workforce planning, human capital strategy, organizational design and position classification, diversity and inclusion services, employee engagement and communications, and organizational development.

For more information on our MAS Schedules, click here.


Building on the success of 8(a) STARS II, 8(a) STARS III features a pool of small, disadvantaged businesses (SDB) industry partners who specialize in IT Services which allow government agencies to access cutting edge solutions to accomplish IT missions. 8(a) STARS III includes an array of SDB industry partners offering IT services ranging from simple to complex and services-based solutions such as IT help-desk support, information assurance, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and more.

STARS III Governmentwide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) has achieved the designation of “Best In Class” (BIC) by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

BIC designations are given to contracts and vehicles that can be used by multiple agencies and satisfy these five key criteria:

  • Rigorous requirements definitions and planning processes

  • Appropriate pricing strategies

  • Data-driven strategies to change buying and consumption behavior (i.e., demand management)

  • Category and performance management strategies

  • Independently validated reviews

DHS has added 8(a) STARS III to its Eagle NextGen Strategic Solutions portfolio.

UEI Number: NLSBAKHB8VD9, CAGE/NCAGE – 6DMZ2, DUNS – 968013792 | | Contractor Program Manager: Greg Portnoy email:

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HCaTS is a “Best-In-Class,” government-wide contract vehicle that provides federal agencies with a reliable, flexible, fast, and efficient way to obtain customized solutions in human capital management and training from pre-vetted vendors. AG holds the following two contracts under the HCaTS program:

HCaTS Small Business Pool 1, Contract # 47QREB19D0022

For more information on our HCaTS SB Pool 1 contract, visit our  HCaTS page.

HCaTS 8(a) Pool 1, Contract # 47QREB21D0003

For more information, visit our  HCaTS page.

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