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Workforce Management Office


Aligning Workforce to Your Organizational and Business Needs

Your mission and organizational needs are evolving around you. Faster than ever. As a senior manager/leader in your organization, you might feel this most acutely with your ever-changing workforce. It’s no longer enough to plan for tomorrow, you have to be able to predict future changes to not just adapt to your ever changing workforce and mission, but effectively adapt your workforce to the changing strategic needs of your organization. Employing an agile approach to managing workforce to mission execution is key. 

Clients often ask us important questions, such as:

  • How will mission changes, budget fluctuations, and increased attrition affect my workforce?

  • If my organization’s mission changes and the workload increases at the same time, how will organizational health be impacted?

  • How can we meet future demands for a diverse and specialized talent pool using our current workforce in a budget reduction scenario?

  • Do I have the right people with the right skillsets to address future needs? 

  • If I am being asked to “do more with less”, how do I keep the focus on outcomes with a data driven process to align the workforce to the new norm? 

These vexing questions are not only important but very common.  It is this call to action that inspired AvantGarde to create our Agile Mission-Driven Workforce Transformation Platform, the Workforce Management Office (WMO). WMO ensures: 

  • Workforce Alignment to Business Strategy

  • Collaborative Solutioning and Execution

  •  A data driven model that enables managers and leaders to have the right data by which to make informed decisions. 

Our AG team works with you to determine the approach that is right for you to drive effective solutions laser focused on your team’s outcomes.

Enter AvantGarde’s Proprietary and Patented WMO Service

WMO is a tool that aligns your workforce to your business needs.

As depicted in the graphic below, WMO gives leaders the information and guidance they need to improve mission performance and transform their organizations through effective workforce management. It offers multi-faceted, integrated, and predictive data analysis and consultant support, which enables managers to make informed decisions in all major areas of strategic human capital, organizational design, and workforce alignment. 


We know that organizational and agency needs are unique. WMO embraces a configurable and flexible architecture and consulting service, in  web based solution  not a “one-size-fits-all” approach. 

For example, this tool will allow you to minimize the effects of budget cuts, change in evolving needs or external mandates.

Collaborative Solutioning and Execution.

It isn’t enough to have all of the right mission focused data. How will you use this data to drive decision making on needed organizational outcomes? This requires alignment, transparency, and engagement with your most important asset – your people.  What might this look like?

  • Data drives your organization’s business model innovation

  • Information is used as a strategic asset to decision making

  • Analytic insight can help optimize business processes and find opportunities for automation

  • Adaptable culture that encourages continuous improvement

  • Information governance integrated in all aspects of your organization

Aligning the right data that in turn provides managers and leaders with the right information, the right outcomes with collaborative execution will ensure sustainable solutions for your organization. The AG team would proudly support you in your own Mission Driven Workforce Transformation!

Want a Demo? 

Seeing is believing. To truly appreciate WMO, let us show you the power of transformation at your fingertips. To schedule a meeting or demo contact us today.

WMO – Driving Mission-Focused Workforce Solutions

AG’s WMO Transformation Support has been provided to the following Public Sector Organizations:

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