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Integrated Services & Solutions


Human Capital

AG elevates organizational success by delivering comprehensive solutions that meet our clients’ needs across the human capital lifecycle.


Organizational & Strategic Solutions

Unlocking full workforce potential, AG specializes in comprehensive organizational development and strategic solutions that are tailored towards clients’ sustained success and growth.



Our IT services align our expertise to the needs of our federal clients. From program management to daily applications, AG is committed to IT solutions that optimize our clients’ organizational performance.


Business Operations

We offer unparalleled expertise, partnering with organizations to maximize efficiency a streamline processes, enabling them to achieve operational goals.



Integrated Services & Solutions, Innovations, and Project Highlights


AG University

AvantGarde is committed to supporting our professionals by providing exclusive training experiences designed to advance their careers to the next level. AG University’s holistic curriculum builds an understanding of the foundations of Federal human capital strategy while strengthening operational ability.


Aligning Workforce to Your Organizational and Business Needs:

Your mission and organizational needs are evolving around you. Faster than ever. As a senior manager/leader in your organization, you might feel this most acutely with your ever-changing workforce.


Drive Performance

Measure Results

Increase Productivity

The AvantGarde Tracker is AG's proprietary, multi-functional, web-based tool that delivers robust capability for our AG HR delivery team and clients to improve the short and long-term productivity of classification, recruitment and staffing activities within the agency.

Project Highlights

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