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AG Serve Our Neighbor Initiative: St. David’s North Austin Medical Center

Local Small Businesses Team to Give Back to Medical Frontline Responders

AvantGarde sponsored lunch for 150+ medical staff who serve in the ER, ICU, and the Cancer Center at St. David’s North Austin Medical Center on April 2, 11am-1:30pm. AG teamed up with local Austin non-profit LaunchPad and TacoMan512 to serve fresh street tacos with trimmings to these first responders. The dual goal of this initiative was to keep small business working (TacoMan512 team) and feed first responders!

AvantGarde CEO, Rebecca Contreras, on how this initiative came to be.

“We were watching the news and saw an organization doing this in another state and after disussing with my AG parnter in DC Dr. Portnoy, we decided to team with LaunchPad and sponsor lunch for a day by TacoMan512, local small buiness food truck here in Austin. We feel this is a great time to come together and support both a small business, to keep their food truck team working, and our first responders at St David’s who are working long hospital hours to care for members of our local community. This is our way of doing our small part to bless and help show our appreciation for the first responders helping to heal us and keep our community safe!”

This initiative gained the local news outlets attention. This story was featured on KXAN, KVUE, FOX 7, and Univision.

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