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The AG Value Proposition: Our People

Written by Rachel Holly

AvantGarde has long recognized that the energy behind our growth and success comes from our “people” – our workforce – making it our greatest asset. And the key to attracting and retaining top talent? AvantGarde takes a holistic approach: valuing and loving our people while supporting their work-life balance as well as their ongoing professional development. Where other companies see employees, AvantGarde sees partners in success.

Regardless of evolving technology, work environments, societal trends, and the constant change of pace of government clients, AvantGarde has always prioritized its people – the team and the individual. As we have grown over the past ten years into a firm of more than 100 employees, our core values remain rooted in the idea that by connecting with our people and consistently demonstrating our support and appreciation for each member of the team, we are empowering our employees to invest in AvantGarde’s continued success. This appreciation is exhibited not only through a competitive company benefits package and employee recognition awards, but through AvantGarde’s leadership and corporate culture. We encourage communication that acknowledges both achievements and challenges, and that promotes collaboration. We also foster a flexible work environment, allowing our team members to balance professional and personal commitments. And we provide opportunities for professional learning and growth through specialized trainings and resources.

By valuing and supporting our people, AvantGarde augments its value proposition to clients. Our clients’ satisfaction and praise for the team are a testament to the success of this approach. Moreover, just last month AvantGarde was granted a silver-level “Minority-Owned Business of the Year” Stevie Award from the American Business Awards. But perhaps our “People First” approach was best validated by a recent survey of our employees, who offered overwhelmingly (96.7%) positive responses about AvantGarde’s culture, leadership, work-life balance, and benefits. The message conveyed in the feedback was that AvantGarde not only upholds its values but lives them.

AvantGarde’s growth will no doubt increase considerably in the next decade to come, driven by our people and the additional opportunities they create through dedication to our clients and their goals. We look forward to supporting our people – our partners – on their path to success while continuing to find ways to value and celebrate them.

To learn more about the AG culture visit our Culture Page here.

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