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Shaping Success: Celebrating Women-Led Culture at AvantGarde during Women's History Month

In celebration of Women's History Month, we at AvantGarde invite you to join us in taking time to reflect on our women-led success. Thirteen years after our founding, we are a thriving consulting firm, beating the odds stacked against small businesses. We continue to grow, securing new contracts from existing and new clients who recognize AvantGarde as a trusted advisor for their human capital, IT, and business needs. One of the factors to AG’s success (and icing on the cake so to speak), is the woman-led strength of our CEO’s overall strategy, with women comprising 75% of our workforce and 80% of our management and leadership team.

AvantGarde believes that women bring a distinctive leadership style to the table, harnessing innate skills such as empathy, planning, organization, and resilience. At the core of our ethos is the recognition that women tend to lead with a powerful combination of love and strength—a leadership style that we highly value and actively cultivate.

The backgrounds and experiences of our management team members are impressive. We view this diversity as a collective strength that we utilize to support one another, creating a force multiplier effect that propels AvantGarde forward. It's important to note that our leaders were selected based on their experience, skills, and value systems, not their gender; however, the fact that they are women is truly a blessing in the mix. Many of them have succeeded in male-dominated fields on their own merit as leaders before joining AvantGarde--an experience that has equipped them with empathy and knowledge that significantly contributes to our success. This blend of diverse perspectives and backgrounds is one of the key cornerstones of our strength. To learn more about the incredible backgrounds of our management team, visit our leadership page.

Our visionary founder and CEO, Rebecca, has played a pivotal role in shaping AvantGarde's success. Her deliberate strategy to leverage and appreciate the talent of women within the organization has been a propelling influence. Sustainable growth goes beyond financial metrics or the bottom line; it is about supporting the families of our employees, where women often serve as the backbone of the family unit. By empowering women in the workplace supporting one another, we believe we contribute to a more equitable and prosperous society.

At AvantGarde, we don't just build a business; we cultivate strong work relationships and foster a collaborative culture. Our success is not measured merely by financial milestones but by the impact we have on our employees, clients, and the broader community. Our journey as an award-winning small business in a very competitive field is a testament to the dedication and resilience of our CEO and our leaders—leaders who happen to be women. And let’s not forget the amazing men that serve side-by-side with our predominantly women management team and how each of them supports one another, working together to get things done to help AvantGarde prosper. 

Looking ahead, we remain dedicated to cultivating a workplace where everyone—regardless of gender—can thrive and contribute to our collective success. Our belief in the power of diversity and the unique strengths that women bring to leadership positions fuels our passion for creating positive change.

Here's to strong women, impactful leadership, and a future where every voice is heard and valued!

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