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Holistic Human Capital

Ensuring an organization’s success through management of its workforce has never been more critical. Afterall, a company is only as good as its most valuable asset, its people. Success hinges on the intangible qualities of its people, such as competencies and values. Although Human Resource departments first began as an approach to creating business value through mere transactional tasks, they are now often responsible for maintaining the key driver of a company’s performance: Human Capital.

As a premier Human Capital consulting firm, AvantGarde understands the challenges, evolutions, and cyclical nature of managing today’s workforce. While the organization grows and develops, so do the needs across the human capital lifecycle. AvantGarde’s customized solutions for short- and long-term goals therefore address these needs using a holistic approach. By providing the full suite of Human Capital services - from recruitment to workforce development to strategic advisory – our team of human capital professionals can ensure our clients’ human capital requirements are seen in full context, and aligned with the organization’s mission and goals.

Our human capital projects fall into three categories: HR Operations, Organizational Solutions, and Strategy.

Though divided, our areas of expertise are integrated to enable the holistic approach our clients need. Our team members, whose ranks include Industrial Organizational Psychologists, Organizational Development Consultants, and HR Data Analysts, possess exceptional qualifications and bring practical experience and technical expertise to each client engagement. They work as a team on their projects, but also as the AvantGarde Team in developing solutions. For example, every two weeks the consultants hold a casual “chit-chat” where they exchange ideas, stories, documents, lessons learned, and best practices. Their diverse talent and experience contribute to pooled knowledge and insight, bolstering AvantGarde’s integrated capabilities and delivery of customized solutions.

Our clients recognize this advantage, too. An organization might initially hire our HR specialists to manage a hiring surge, and then contract us for our competency assessments when that hiring surge shifts the workforce development. Another organization may contract us for strategic planning, and then invite us to manage an employee and culture engagement initiative as that planning is executed. Regardless of how we first engage with a client, our experienced professionals stand ready to offer and provide the full spectrum of human capital services, end-to-end.

AvantGarde’s focus will always be on crafting and implementing solutions for the “people needs” of an organization, helping clients respond to changes, build on successes, and grow from challenges. At its core, Human Capital is about people and the employee experience. That’s why AvantGarde’s holistic and integrated approach to human capital consulting for our clients – everything from the transactional to the strategic - in turn empowers those clients to manage their organizations and their people holistically, paving the way to reach their targets and thrive - holistically.

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