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Celebrating the Women of AvantGarde: A Spotlight on Susan Bradberry

This Women’s History Month, AvantGarde would like to not only honor the women in our history who have fought for equal rights and have broken down barriers, but also look among our own ranks at the contributions from women at AvantGarde. In addition to being a woman-led company with a majority female leadership team, AvantGarde is composed of 75% women company-wide. Following a shift during the pandemic that led many women to leave the workforce, AvantGarde is proud to be considered a workplace where women professionals find that they are appreciated and even celebrated.

Among our shining stars is Susan Bradberry, our Managing Director. Susan has led a remarkable career and become an integral component of AvantGarde’s fabric and growth. She spent 30 years in the federal government, starting in entry-level roles and working her way up into the HR world for 20+ years where she gained extensive experience in a variety of HR functions including strategic human capital, talent acquisition and management, and HR systems implementations.

Susan retired at the executive level as a Chief Human Capital Officer, having served both AmeriCorps and the U.S Patent and Trademark Office. It was at these agencies that she was introduced to AvantGarde and became a client at both.

I experienced first-hand the tremendous quality of employees AvantGarde brings to the table who extend the capacity of the federal HR team and produce extraordinary outcomes that maximize return-on-investment,” Susan said. “I had great respect for Rebecca and the company, and when I retired, she was one of the first to want to have me join her team. I was quick to say yes since I knew the caliber of the team I’d be joining. Here I am, over four years later, in a senior role where I can continue to have an impact on AG employees and clients!”

While Susan’s results-driven focus, HR expertise, and incredible management skills have earned her praise from client after client, it’s her contagious positive energy and caring leadership style that have endeared her to all who have worked with her.

From day one of joining the AvantGarde management team, Susan literally hit the ground running. Knowing her as a client for nearly 6 years before I hired her and watching her relentless commitment to the HR craft, quality, and love of her people in HR, I knew one day when she left government she would be someone I would immediately court to join our fast-growing practice. Many years have passed since she agreed to come on board and Susan has not only grown professionally with the company but has been a major contributor to AG growth. Anyone that knows me knows I love my people and value them, so to have someone who deeply cares about her people and clients and demonstrates her care through how she leads them is just icing on the cake. We are grateful for Susan and celebrate her!” – Rebecca Contreras – AvantGarde CEO

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