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AG's “Give Back” Campaign Girls of Legacy 100x

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

This Month Give Without Spending! August 3rd - September 5th ONLY!

Dear AG Employee, Clients and AG Friends,

As you know one of AG's core values is giving back. We have key give back initiatives we partner with every year. Since 2022 AG has partnered with LaunchPad for the Girls of Legacy, a scholarship and mentoring program that supports inner city girls in the Austin Texas area, the home town of AG's co-founder and CEO Rebecca Contreras. This month of August we are launching a campaign with 100x to bring you a way to support Girls of Legacy and be a part of giving back without spending a cent!


How 100x works

Here's how it works: August 7th through September 5th, each time you share a quality brand opinion with HundredX™, up to $2 goes towards supporting Girls of Legacy. You can personally create up to $150 of value (by giving 75 pieces of feedback) to support our mission!


Download These Materials To Share With Your Network and on Social Media to Support the Cause!


New To Girls of Legacy?



Frequently Asked Questions:

What am I supposed to do after I sign up?

Immediately after signing up, you will be able to click on your personalized feedback link and start raising money for your cause. You will also receive an email and/or text message containing your personalized feedback link. You can return to your personalized feedback link email/text message at any time to give feedback.

From your personalized feedback link, you will be brought to the HundredX main Feedback page. From here, you can choose ANY brand from more than 1700 options in HundredX’s brand universe and share about a brand experience you have had in the last six months. Search for brands in the search bar or find them by category.

After you select a brand, provide your opinion using our simple and fun, one-minute emoji-based system. Please only submit honest feedback on actual experiences you have had – this allows HundredX to create the most trusted brand insights. Repeat this process on a variety of companies to create more impact for your cause! Throughout the program, you will receive email and/or text reminders to continue providing feedback until you have reached the maximum feedback count for your program (which is indicated at the top of your feedback page).

I signed up but I can’t find my welcome email and/or text. What should I do?

Sometimes, HundredX Causes emails are filtered into promotional, spam, junk, or other folders, so we would recommend checking these for your welcome email. All HundredX Causes text message reminders will come from 90412. The welcome email will come from, and any reminder emails will come from We recommend adding both addresses to your contacts, so you don’t miss an email from us.

How do I get back to the page where I can give feedback?

There is no login or password requirement for your HundredX personalized feedback page - you can access the feedback menu at any time through your personalized link in any previously sent email or text. Because of this, once you have signed up, you do not need to return to the program signup form.

I have shared my opinions. How do I know how many pieces of feedback I have given?

When you click on the link to give feedback in a reminder text or email, you will be brought to the main feedback page where you can either search for a brand or find it in one of the categories. The feedback count at the top of the page will contain your current number of pieces of feedback submitted. You can also find your feedback count in any reminder messages (emails or texts) that you receive from HundredX Causes.

How will I know if I have reached the maximum?

You will receive an email and/or text to notify you when you have reached your maximum feedback limit. You can also check your feedback count at the top of the main feedback page. Once you have reached your maximum feedback count, you will no longer receive email and/or text message reminders from HundredX Causes.

Can I invite friends and family to HundredX Causes? How do I do it?

Yes! We encourage you to invite your network to provide feedback to support your cause! You can tell them to text LEGACY to 90412 to your friends and family at any time throughout the program! Please DO NOT forward your personal reminder emails or texts from HundredX, as those contain your personalized feedback link.

I have an organization I want to introduce HundredX Causes. How do I do that?

Thank you for the referral! Please fill out the interest form here under “Contact Us” at the bottom of the page. A HundredX Causes team member will reach out to learn more about your cause.

Have a different question?

Email us at Please tell us which cause you are supporting and let us know how we can help you.

What do you do with my personal information?

HundredX is fully committed to maintaining your confidential information. For all feedback providers, we DO NOT share any personal information with external parties, send advertisements or offers, or ask you to purchase any product. The feedback you share is not affiliated with you as an individual and is aggregated with thousands of other opinions. Want to read more? You can find our terms of service here and our privacy policy here.

How can I opt-out of the program?

If you would like to unsubscribe from email reminders, you can hit the “unsubscribe” button at the bottom of any one of our emails. If you want to unsubscribe from text reminders, reply “STOP” at any time. If you do opt-out, the feedback you provided before opting out will still create value for the organization you signed up to support.

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