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AG Confirms Its Brand

Updated: May 2, 2022

AvantGarde (AG) just rolled out its new website and we hope you take some time to look around!

This launch was the result of an internal strategic review and new branding initiatives. We take pride in our relentless focus to improve outcomes for our clients, and occasionally, we take the same measures within our own organization.

In December, AG went back to basics and tried to understand a bit more about who we are – our offerings, our strengths, our objectives – to ensure our brand and messaging aligned to our true selves. After talking to internal senior staff, sending out a culture survey, and interviewing several long-term clients, here is what we heard:

  • At our core, AG is all about People. We are a Human Capital consulting firm. All other offerings such as IT, OD, program management and process improvement are in service of our work in Federal Human Capital.

  • Client Relationship Management was a standout differentiator for us. We heard over and over that our teams work with our clients in service of their outcomes first. We strive to understand client needs and work tirelessly to meet their outcomes within existing budget as much as we possibly can.

  • We live our values to love our people. Our staff see it. Our leadership is completely committed to their staff and because of that steadfast care for our staff, our clients also notice. One customer even said, “It’s clear AG’s values are deeply held, without even being spoken.”

As a result of this remarkable feedback from this strategic planning process, the AG team has refocused our strategic messaging to align to who we are and how we best serve our clients. As a result of this process, we will roll out new company material that reflect our strengths and new streamlined messaging, while reaffirming our values and core identity. This includes:

  • A complete website overhaul, now live:

  • A branding face lift, including proposal and marketing material updates to represent our new messaging.

  • Training and coaching our AG staff to ensure our relationships with clients continue to maintain the standards that they appreciate.

Our hope is that this messaging update will better articulate the capabilities, differentiators, and values at the core of who we have always been. As our clients, employees, and business partners – our People – your feedback is welcomed and encouraged and we look forward to strengthening the AG brand with YOU at its center.

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