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AG 2019 Holiday Newsletter

This year’s annual AG tradition of celebrating with the AG team in our holiday party was a success. Despite the rain, cold & redline metro shutdown, more than 55 team members joined! The holiday cheer and pasta station were a hit, along with the more than 20 gifts given away during the AG raffle! Folks won various gifts: A crystal Decanter set, several $100 AMEX gift cards, Starbucks gift cards, Amazon gift cards, an Amazon Echo, and a Bluetooth speaker to name a few coveted items!

Tyhisha McBride

Tyhisha McBride was this year’s AG Melvin Blowe Award winner (granted with a nice $500 cash gift)! Tyhisha, a AG team member out of Philly, has gone above and beyond to train, assist, and support team members. Ms. McBride has created efficiencies, learned new systems, trained coworkers all while maintaining a jovial demeanor. Our client at Naval Surface Weapons Center has recognized her efforts and expressed so much appreciation for Ms. McBride’s invaluable contribution.

Eslynn McCall & Katherine Kay

Eslynn McCall & Katherine Kay were this year’s winners of the AG Values Award for exceptionally embodying Teamwork & Collaboration! Their AG colleagues nominated them to recognize and express their appreciation for such dedicated, wonderful coworkers. Work would not be the same without the magnificent contribution these two have made to their immediate teams as well as AG!

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