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2019 Family Picnic Recap

Saturday, June 1st marked another milestone for the AG Family; it was the 4th annual summer outing for team members and their immediate families.

This year’s venue was 125-acre Montpelier Farms Family Fun Park in Upper Marlboro, Maryland; a working farm dating back to 1673. The site was selected because it offers a vast array of activities and attractions such as a petting zoo, playground, volleyball, pedal carting, tetherball, a maze, and a picnic pavilion.

The afternoon opened with a “welcome” from Rebecca, AG CEO, who thanked everyone for coming and for their good work serving our clients, she talked about AG’s growth and expanding team, and urged team members to visit AG website for open vacancies, “You are our best source of growing the AG team, we welcome your referrals”.

Greg, AG VP/CIO, added his words of welcome and expressed how impressed and touched he was by the generosity of the AG employees during the historic gov shut down who donated over 350 hrs. PTO. With AG owners granted pay, not one single employee went without pay during the 45-day shutdown.

There were rousing games of Corn Hole played along with arts and crafts for the children; on another note, some adults had just as much fun as did young’uns. Simply Fresh, the caterer, prepared a feast of hamburgers, chicken, veggies burgers, potato salad, green salad, mac ‘n’ cheese, dessert, watermelon, iced tea, lemonade, beer and wine.

No picnic is complete without bees or ants, as can be attested to by Kenneth, seen smiling in the photo below. His father Richard Wiseman, DOJ Project Lead, took him to the playground, where he was on the receiving end of a wasp not so happy about sharing the swing set with him. Fortunately, he had no adverse reaction!

AG Managing Director Karen Rarick even took the time to give some “AG love” to some of the farm animals! AG employees at the Naval Surface Weapons Center in Philadelphia, PA don’t join us often, so we were absolutely thrilled when HR Specialist Tyhisha McBride and her family made the three-hour drive and trip to join us!

Everyone did a double take when Divya Vajja, Java Developer at AG corporate, brought a real live doppelganger – her identical twin Deepthi, pictured below.

For those who didn’t come, we’ll see you next time, and have a Happy summer!

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