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The Client’s Need

In 2011, EOUSA tasked its IT group to modernize its case management systems, LIONS and Alcatraz, which were used by each USAO to maintain, track and report information on their workload. EOUSA was seeking a custom solution that could not only enhance the technical support provided to the USAOs, but also to improve overall strategic decision-making when justifying budget requests, allocating resources among USAOs, and producing reports for top federal agencies and taxpayers. EOUSA called on AvantGarde consultants to develop and deploy one, cohesive and robust automated case management system called CaseView. This project continues in its fifth FYs with AvantGarde continuing in the key role of support.

Our Approach

AvantGarde, in partnership with CSRA (formerly SRA), devised this approach:

  • Custom Development. EOUSA’s unique challenges with their requirements made custom development a much better option than a COTS implementation. In fact, EOUSA had previously tried to replace LIONS with a COTS solution that was unsuccessful.


  • Agile/Scrum Development Methodology. Using an Agile methodology ensured that the customer is involved throughout the design and development process and able to see progress early and often. Establishing a client working group to approve the design and provide feedback and a client Product Owner to review the development progress at the end of each sprint ensured a successful outcome.

The Result

CaseView has successfully replaced and modernized all of the functionality of the legacy LIONS application, and in October 2017, LIONS will be retired and all U.S. Attorneys’ Offices will now use CaseView to record their case data. A major component of CaseView is a SharePoint Documents repository that includes features to automatically retrieve Case Documents from PACER. The client’s high level of satisfaction with CaseView’s performance led to opportunities to develop multiple smaller custom applications for EOUSA using the same development approach.

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