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Dept. of Energy

HR Operations


The Client’s Need

To remain relevant to the Department of Energy (DOE) mission and employee relations, the Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer (OCHCO) procured AvantGarde (AG) to provide OCHCO human capital support needed to design, develop and implement strategic and operational human capital solutions. Therefore, by providing human capital support in staffing, employee relations, fact finding, classification, recruitment strategy, and program management to those DOE Program Offices (PO) supported by the DOE Service Center, AG continues to work closely with federal staff to accomplish these goals. In addition, our team serves as the HR Service provider for one of the largest shared services centers in government, the Oak Ridge Shared Service Center (TN) supporting over 150 labs in DOE.

Our Approach

  • Recruitment & Staffing: By conducting job analysis, drafting, and posting vacancy announcements, conducting qualifications analysis and veterans’ preference adjudication in a timely manner, AG has been successful with ensuring all agency announcements are completed in accordance to OPM and DOE requirements. AG provides HR staffing for approximately 20 to 30 recruit actions per month in the first 4 months of execution. AG’s HR staffing support follows the portions of the OPM 80 day Hiring Model that includes full lifecycle staffing, ending at issuance of Certificate of Eligible. AG provides primary interface with senior DOE managers on specified hiring actions.

  • Position Description Standardizing & Operational Classification: The AG team standardized 180 DOE PDs across the organization, which consist of 20 individual job series, each with seven grade levels. The team developed full position evaluation statements for each PD that is to be standardized. In addition, the team currently provides operational classification support to both a standalone PO, as well as, those supported by the DOE Service Center.

  • Fact Finding & Employee Relations Services: In support of Employee Relations AG conducts expert and impartial fact finding to determine the facts surrounding a dispute. The AG team investigates the issue, files the report, and in some cases, issues a situation assessment or a specific procedural or substantive recommendation on how a dispute may be resolved. AG also provides DOE support with administrative grievances, reasonable accommodation, and preparation of misconduct/disciplinary case work.

The Result

As a result of surge support provided since September 2019, AG has been able to support DOE in three primary areas: Staffing,  Classification and Employee Relations in FY20,  AG has completed 154 cases, by providing cradle to grave staffing support. In addition FY20, AG developed 174 standardized position descriptions (PDs) for 22 series for a new DOE initiative.  These PDs are currently being utilized by all Program Offices within the Department. This task was performed under budget and completed ahead of schedule.  As a result, AG is now tasked to provide operational classification to the same DOE customer base that is being supported by our staffing and recruitment team.

The AG team has received several accolades from both the client and customers. AG continues to deliver consistent and efficient results; working within the OPM 80 day hiring model and DOE standards. Through continuous efforts in employee relations, the AG team has helped to alleviate the que of hiring actions and employee relation cases. 

Due to the accomplishments previously mentioned, DOE recently tapped AG for a second BPA contract vehicle via the SBA 8a direct source streamlined contracting process and is gaining a reputation with DOE for getting things done.  We look forward to maintaining its relationship with DOE by continuing to provide timely human capital solutions.

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