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Transition & Triumphs: AvantGarde’s Federal Fiscal Year 2023 in Review

AG Blog - October 2023

Another federal fiscal year has drawn to a close, offering us a valuable moment to reflect on AvantGarde’s journey of business development and achievements over the past 12 months. In the ever-evolving landscape of federal contracting, our ability to establish and nurture trusted partnerships has been the cornerstone of our success. We're proud to announce our strong and steady growth in Fiscal Year 2023 (FY23), which has seen us securing contracts from both longstanding and new clients across the diverse spectrum of our human capital and IT service offerings. Looking ahead to federal FY24, we eagerly anticipate the promises the year will bring to further solidify our position as a trusted human capital partner.

FY23 was a year of transitional growth for us; AvantGarde is well-established as a go-to human capital partner but still a small business learning to compete against corporate heavy hitters in new arenas. Although this can often be a challenging time for a small business, AvantGarde has positioned itself to be ready for the changes that growth inevitably brings, building on established partnerships and a strong standing as a reliable and results-driven company that truly cares about its people and clients. Once again, more than 80% of our contracts this past year were won from existing clients who have already seen time and again that AvantGarde delivers excellence from an experienced, remarkably qualified team of human capital professionals.

Looking at our capabilities and offerings, our most notable growth came from our IT solutions. The U.S. Department of Justice chose AvantGarde to prime a five-year contract in application development, website migration, SharePoint administration, and data analysis, following our previous, highly praised work for this client agency serving as a subcontractor to a prime vendor partner for more than 10 years. Another client, a Title II Agency on Capitol Hill who we’ve supported in many different capacities for nearly 10 years, awarded us with a five-year contract to not only continue but almost double our existing organizational IT support, along with strategic planning and operations support.

Other highlights earlier this year included winning a contract to provide U.S. Patent and Trademark Office with Human Resources support, returning to the National Guard Bureau to provide program management support, and expanding our presence at the U.S. Department of Education with a new leadership training contract.

As we bid farewell to FY23 and carry forward the momentum to FY24, AvantGarde is fortified in our commitment to deliver top tier services and solutions to both new and loyal clients. With an impressive track record of exceeding expectations, we embrace the opportunities that lie ahead to strengthen the AvantGarde brand, forge new partnerships, and ensure that our clients experience nothing less than exceptional results in human capital and IT support. Here’s to the upcoming year of innovation, growth, and shared success!

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