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Supporting the Girls of Legacy Scholarship Initiative

Updated: May 9, 2022

Last week I had the honor of presenting seven partial scholarships to seven incredible young ladies here in the Austin area, who have flourished at school and demonstrated tenacity despite the odds against them. In recognition of Women’s History Month, these “Girls of Legacy” were celebrated during an event sponsored by AvantGarde and other local businesses. The scholarships were made possible by LaunchPad and a fundraising match campaign under way that will support these women as they pursue their dreams and ambitions for higher education. In addition to these girls, my husband David and I are also providing partial scholarships to five graduating boys.

Click here to see photos and view the impact from the event, which featured local women business leaders and Mrs. Texas American Katie Dowell.

To complement the scholarships, I will also provide mentorship to the recipients as they follow their passions. I believe mentoring is a valuable resource for any young person, but especially for those who are following a course that wasn’t necessarily expected of them and need some extra guidance.

Growing up, I didn’t have strong female role models or support in my life, let alone any kind of mentor to show me the way foward. It wasn’t until I entered a state-funded welfare-to-work program and landed my first job working for Ann Richards that I saw powerful female leadership, up-close and personal. I then served another iconic Texas woman Kay Bailey Hutchison and met a woman on her staff by the name of Donna Reynolds. I talk extensively about the impact Donna made in my life in my new book Lost Girl available here. Watching and learning from these powerful women leaders, seeing how they commanded a room and confidently led their teams, opened my eyes to what was possible. Mentoring has literally changed my life, thus the strong desire to pay it forward.

I am excited for what opportunities lay ahead for these “Girls of Legacy” and to be a part of their journey. Each of them has an inspirational story of their focus on their future to not allow their lack now to determine what they achieve in life. I am confident with their hard work and our support, that they will all achieve great success in their lives.

I am committed to make a difference understanding that you never know the potential a young person can achieve with hard work, mentors, and the right support and lending hand. These students face tremendous challenges in life of lack but their resolve and focus are admirable.

I encourage anyone who is interested in supporting this initiative – which is part of a larger effort that will also give partial scholarships to five young men from disadvantaged schools – to visit the LaunchPad page to contribute to my matching gift campaign. David and I started the scholarship fund with $25,000 and we will be matching every dollar raised with 100% of your gift going to the students. As LaunchPad is a volunteer run organization, every dollar you give goes to these students!

Please join me in wishing these young women (and young men) well as they begin their new paths!

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