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Senior Consultant
As an AG Senior Consultant, you are a storyteller and key advisor. You love understanding and capturing organizations’ stories while helping clients identify and achieve their strategic priorities. Your broad subject matter expertise is critical to performing Workforce Analyses, Succession Planning, Performance Management, Executive Coaching, and Competency Assessment & Modeling for clients. You are the chief guide to our clients and project teams in federal human capital management. You navigate the design, development and implementation of strategic human capital plans to support our clients’ current and future workload requirements. Whether developing training materials for managers, facilitating leadership planning sessions, delivering your team’s reports, leading focus groups, or conducting workforce analysis, you serve as the technical lead on all client deliverables. From your years of experience, you have a strong understanding of the most challenging human capital issues and regulations that federal agencies face…which is why you are so valued and trusted by our clients and our team.

Organizational Development Consultant

As an AG Organizational Development Consultant, you are a natural communicator and seasoned navigator of the federal government. You have a knack for understanding people and adapting easily to different client environments. You are a subject matter expert with a passion for staying abreast of the latest OD trends, applying industry-proven best practices, and creating unique solutions customized to the client’s specific business environment and culture. You have a tremendous impact on your client – guiding the design of strategies and approaches to address their needs, conducting organizational and leadership assessments, planning and implementing change, designing and improving processes, interviewing high profile stakeholders, facilitating focus groups, and prioritizing project work and deliverables. Like us, your clients are truly grateful when you help to improve the efficiency of their operations.

Business Process Analyst

As an AG Business Process Analyst, you are a deep-dive critical thinker. You love getting to the bottom of a problem to understand its roots and the requirements for solving it. You are the resourceful type – the kind of person who proactively seeks out answers and finds alternative pathways to streamline processes. Your studies and experience in business operations and systems development comes in handy when helping our clients define and validate their direction and business specifications. On any given day, you may draft business case studies; assist with business process modeling and research efforts; map out the flow of a client’s business processes; collect and analyze metrics on clients’ business process management; help to redesign a business process; or provide quality reviews for client deliverables.  With strong negotiation and communication skills, our team relies on you to engage stakeholders and obtain their buy-in.  It is your passion and excellent presentation skills that brings people congenially to the table and helps us achieve meaningful results that leads to continual process improvements.


As an AG Analyst, you are a problem solver. You can see the big picture, but also the little details. You delight in exploring patterns and enjoy seeing an idea unfold from brainstorm to execution. For you, no two days look exactly the same. You play an integral and versatile role on a variety of project teams to help address clients’ critical business needs. You have a huge impact on the client, researching and recommending best practices, participating in focus groups, and analyzing and interpreting qualitative and quantitative data. At the end of the day, you gain exposure to different agencies; learn about their unique challenges; and help them identify ways to improve, innovate and see things from a different perspective. Sounds fun, huh?  We think so! We LOVE our Analysts; they are the cornerstone of our business.

Information Technology Consultant

As an AG Information Technology Consultant, you are an innovator. You have experience providing strategic guidance to clients on technology, IT infrastructures, and major business processes through enhancements to IT. You are a natural at finding out the fastest, cheapest, and most reliable way to make an organization’s computer systems run better. You assess an organization’s tech needs, create a plan, see it through and follow up to make sure it’s running well. How does your client capture, analyze and report the critical core work they do across their organization? By using the unique product and solution you created and implemented just for them! The work that you do is a balance of introducing needed systems while preserving previous investments. Clients depend on you to help identify their technological requirements and challenges. Whether leading a team of developers, successfully deploying high profile applications, or providing contributions to winning IT proposals, what you do is indispensable to clients’ operations and missions.

Information Technology Specialist

As an AG Information Technology Specialist you thrive on designing, operating or maintaining technology products and learning about new cutting-edge technology. You are a natural in coding, creating applications, and troubleshooting hardware. From Java to SQL, you are well versed in a variety of programming languages. You enjoy working with others including consultants to arrive at the most appropriate system or integration of multiple systems.  You have experience in working with organizations to manage large amounts of information and providing services related to software, hardware, databases, web resources, networks and enterprise systems.

Human Resources Specialist

As an AG Human Resources Specialist, you are a critical thinker and strategic HR partner. You work with clients to help them identify and achieve their critical HR goals. With years of federal HR experience behind you, you know how to interpret and apply applicable regulations and OPM rules. You also make it a priority to stay current by taking the latest trainings. Our clients could not imagine surviving without you! While you may design and develop training programs, analyze and administer performance management systems and policies, process personnel actions, handle staffing, or determine pay settings, you may also develop customized assessment tools, classify positions, and help formulate recruitment strategies. Being a precise and organized person, managing details comes naturally to you. You love creating new ways for improving HR programs. You also enjoy customer service, working in a team and training new HR professionals. However, what makes you smile the most is notifying applicants that they have been hired for their dream job! What an impact you have on people! On our clients … and on us.

Human Resources Assistant

As an AG Human Resources Assistant, you are a natural go-getter. You love learning and are a quick study. Great customer service is pretty important to you. Keeping things organized is your strength. You enjoy working in an office setting and being a part of a team. In your role, you prepare reports, meeting minutes, presentations and correspondence. You help process payroll, code personnel actions, and help recruit and onboard new staff. You may even schedule and reserve meeting spaces and make travel reservations. Let’s face it: Without you, your HR team will not be able to function.  One of the things you find most enjoyable about your role is the opportunity to explore HR operations from different angles, and learning from seasoned professionals.  Not only do you see the ins and outs of federal agencies, you are the support team behind them. Overall, the work that you do is instrumental to establishing and maintaining processes that improve the efficiency of clients’ operations. Pretty important stuff!

Project Manager

As an AG Project Manager, you are a relationship builder and key advisor. You love digging in, understanding what makes clients tick, identifying what is at the very heart of their issues, and helping them to achieve their strategic priorities. Your leadership is critical to the success of your project. With your savvy you move deftly between the role of coach, cheerleader, critical thinker, juggler, and magician. You are a master at stepping back, looking at things holistically and dispassionately, diagnosing real problems, and driving your team’s delivery of real, quality solutions. Whether your team delivers consulting or front-line services supporting your client’s day-to-day operations, you are relentless – you make it happen, you keep the balls in the air, you keep everyone happy … it’s exhilarating to be so accomplished!

Project Lead

As an AG Project Lead, you ARE the face of AG – the subject matter expert and go-to for your client and leader/advisor for your team. You are customer-service driven with a passion for solving client problems and putting a smile on their face. Your subject matter expertise is critical to guiding your team and addressing their most complex challenges. Whether your expertise is in federal human resources, organizational development, technical writing, training, financial analysis, or systems architecture, you are on the front lines of your project, guiding and steering your team and delivering complex work to your client. You are critical to the success of your team, and your client just can’t live without you.