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Our experienced team helps envision each client’s future and builds a plan with them to get there through mission alignment, strategic direction, and leadership development.

AvantGarde (AG) develops relationships with leaders to align the organizational goals and outcomes into their operations, culture, and communications. Through leadership development, strategic understanding, and business and human capital optimization strategies, we craft solutions that are outcome-driven, people-focused, and agile to align to our clients’ needs and priorities.

  • Strategic Advisory/SME support: Whether strengthening a leadership team, delivering expert human capital strategies, or providing SME support at a leadership level, our experienced team works with our clients to make immediate change to develop and amplify business goals.  

  • Strategic Planning: Our strategic planning solutions combine a deep understanding of our clients’ needs with strong organizational and human capital expertise. We apply this expertise when our clients require an organizational strategic plan, human capital strategic plans (HCSP), human capital operating plans (HCOP), succession plans, or assessing the overall organization from a business strategy perspective.

  • Culture and Employee Engagement: Building a strong culture occurs day-by-day, and experience-by-experience. By setting up a solid engagement strategy focused on employee needs that includes staff and supervisors, our team facilitates engagement at all levels of the organization.

  • Leadership Development & Coaching: We understand leadership development is a mission-critical organizational component that is key to long-term business and organizational success. Our leadership framework embodies the contemporary conception of leadership as an organizational asset that can be exercised from any vantage point within a company - regardless of organizational level or position.

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