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Ron Miller

Senior Project Manager

Ron is a seasoned Project Manager and Human Capital Management professional with 36 years of experience leading and implementing enterprise-wide human capital programs in both private and public sectors. His experience includes strategic planning, performance management, human resources operations, organizational design and development, policy development, succession planning, human resources information technology, and strategic workforce planning.

Mr. Miller is currently responsible for overseeing several projects with AvantGarde, LLC including:  Department of Navy (National Surface Warfare Center), National Guard Bureau (Sexual Assault Prevention and Response), and the Corporation for National and Community Service. Under his leadership, AvantGarde team members support various organizations on human capital, human resources operations and business operations to improve workforce readiness, overall effectiveness and efficiencies towards achieving strategic goals and objectives.

Mr. Miller holds a master’s degree from Webster University in Human Resources Management and is also a retired U.S Army Veteran.

What do I love about my work at AG?

Is the ability to make meaningful contributions to our clients.


What do I love most about AG overall?

What I love most about AG overall is the ability to work with super talented employees across the practice.


Phone : 301-417-4576

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