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AG Award Winners of 2023

As AvantGarde bids farewell to the remarkable year of 2023, we take pride in celebrating the outstanding achievements of our dedicated workforce. At the heart of our success are individuals whose unwavering commitment and exceptional contributions have not only propelled the company forward but have also set a benchmark for excellence. Here we shine a spotlight on three exemplary employees – Gregory Krause, Tamara Davis, and Jessica Harnish – who were the recipients of AG’s top awards during our end-of-year holiday party in December. These awards – the Melvin Blowe Award and the AG Values Award – reflect their outstanding dedication and stellar performance.

The Melvin Blowe Award (client-nominated)

2023 Winner: Gregory Krause

The Melvin Blowe Award honors the memory of our former employee Melvin Blowe who passed away in 2017 and recognizes one AG employee each year who displayed the high level of performance, reliability, consistency, superior customer service and dedication to detail which made Melvin a super star. The nominations are made by AG’s clients, and the other AG employees who received nominations were Kristen Bartlett, David Beacham, Helen Choi, Brenda Collins, Laurie Crossman, Tammy Davis, Kristen Godsey, Spenser Haffey, Sharon Henderson, Armetia Mobley, David Smith, Christine Sterling, and Joy Weaver.

Gregory Krause a Human Capital Consultant currently supporting the Office of Innovation and Engagement (OIE) at the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). With over eight years of experience in a variety of Human Capital topic areas, he has worked in various sectors assessing and developing organizations, their workforce, and their leadership capabilities.

Greg’s nomination highlighted how he “consistently delivers high quality work products early/on time and often goes the extra mile to support OIE career staff.” Moreover, “Greg’s focus is always on the client, first and foremost…He is a true partner in delivering service and influencing culture…We earnestly value his contributions to the team and to the future of DOT.”

AG Values Award – Innovation (colleague-nominated) 2023 Winners: Tamara Davis and Jessica Harnish 

Every year AG recognizes two winners who exemplify one of AG’s core values: Integrity, Excellence, Teamwork, Valuing & Developing Employees, Innovation, Loyalty, and Work-Life Balance. In 2023 the nominations drew from the value of Innovation – striving to design creative and leading-edge services and solutions. The winners, Tamara Davis and Jessica Harnish, were nominated among many other AG employees including Dave Beacham, Patricia Bennett, Lisa Benz, Diahna Brown, Doris Brown, Holly Cluff, Paulinelle Ekenya, Michelle Gbolie, Spenser Haffey, Regina Krasner, Chris Lopez, Veronica Mason, Lyn Myles, Christine Sterling, Rachel Tenenbaum, and Richard Wiseman.

Tamara Davis is Project Manager for AG and has more than 15 years of experience in consulting and project management experience providing change management, human capital, and organizational development solutions for federal agencies. She is currently leading a workforce competency modeling project at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).


Tammy was nominated because she “has created not only an organized and well managed project team but has been able to meet client expectations so completely and creatively that they are fascinated and invested so completely in the future importance of this work. The innovative genius of Tammy’s approach isn’t that she gets the work done; it’s the intersection between technical excellence, project organization, and client engagement. Tammy is a master class.”

Jessica Harnish has been with AG as a Corporate Recruiter since 2020. Jessica has ten years of experience providing high-volume sourcing for Federal Government contractors and commercial companies in the Washington, DC Metro Area and serving as Director of Recruiting directing all aspects of recruiting, staffing, and operations in the health care staffing industry. 

Jessica was nominated for her innovative use of AI tools that save hours of work every week. She has been able to increase her efficiency, save valuable time, and reduce the length of time it takes to complete reference checks and extend candidate offers of employment. Although the importance of recruiting in government contracting is often underestimated – as well as the length of time it takes to fill positions – her role is vital to AG’s success so that we can continue to provide top performance to our clients.

Congratulations Greg, Tammy, and Jessica on your wins! And congrats as well to all who were nominated. We are proud of your work and your representation of AvantGarde’s excellence!

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