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Organizational Solutions

Our work from development to rollout helps clients align process, organization, and skills to the mission of the organization so they can focus on results.

We work alongside our clients as a trusted advisor and consulting team to support capacity building. We do this by zeroing in on our clients’ greatest assets – their people – through organizational alignment to help achieve goals and priorities.

AvantGarde’s consulting support spans across the following areas:

  • Organizational and People Assessments/Workforce Analytics: AvantGarde (AG) offers data-driven assessment and implementation solutions [RH1] pinpointing where clients are experiencing pain points. These can include areas such as employee engagement, workplace culture, workforce competency and skills; human capital alignment with OPM’s HCF Model, organizational needs (encompassing mission and/or function), succession planning, and recruitment.

  • Process Improvement and Enablement: By understanding, developing, and streamlining processes, our consultants conduct end-to-end process reviews utilizing proven methodology and standards. We work with our clients to identify problem areas early on in a process to ensure quick wins can be achieved throughout the enterprise.

  • Training and Development: Across development, facilitation, execution, and continuous improvement, our training and development approach is aligned to our clients’ mission and focused on long-term employee growth.

  • Change Management: We believe change management is at the center of every major effort, therefore our consultants diligently work to understand a team’s collective and individual needs and work in small and large ways to identify opportunities to understand roadblocks, manage changes that arise, and focus on adoption and growth.

  • Communications:  In every engagement, we realize that transparency around change is key. Therefore, throughout every engagement we can deploy a comprehensive communication strategy and plan to ensure the workforce, including union officials when appropriate, and managers are informed through each stage of the engagement.

AG has developed a proprietary web-based platform to help facilitate our assessments, analytics, and processes called Workforce Management Office (WMO), which aligns your workforce to your business needs.  We also provide flexibility to our clients so they understand the value of the WMO; however, if the solution does not fit the client’s needs, we utilize other methods of delivery in the execution of the consulting projects we undertake.

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