Dining Room Table Discussion (Written by Colin Waitt June 11)

The government COVID-19 return to work planning is a complicated  scenario that requires to be thought through as the implications of wrong moves can have severe repercussions on the workforce. This is pretty important. And will be critical in the new normal with an increasing demand for Talent.

Three recent articles reflect the  “Pinball World” that we are living in.

A recent survey commissioned by Project Management Institute found that nearly half (47%) of American professionals report their company offered a work from home policy prior to the transition to working remotely full time. Now, nearly three-quarters (73%) of American professionals think their company will update their work from home policy as a result of COVID-19. And only 16% of professionals report wanting to work mostly in an office once we return to “normal,” with most (51%) preferring a hybrid remote/in-office mix.

Meanwhile,  –The advocacy group Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility claimed on Tuesday the Environmental Protection Agency is failing the CDC’s criteria for reopening. “In recent days, EPA has announced it will open regional offices located in Atlanta, Kansas City and Seattle. In the same period, it has reversed plans to re-open offices in Boston and Dallas,” said the group. “EPA has yet to release data establishing that those offices slated to re-open meet CDC criteria for testing availability and disease abatement, nor have offices set forth social distancing or other safeguards prescribed in CDC guidance.”

And then there is more:

All these divergent but pertinent issues reflect that all agencies need a checklist  – and some agile thinking  -as they begin to open their doors. While at the same time  there is the added pressure for agencies to return to some form of normal.

See Which Agencies Are Bringing Employees Back to the Office// Eric Katz

As states lift stay-home orders, many federal offices are reopening. Here is a roundup.

So take a look at our two pager and happy to discuss.


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