AG 2019 Holiday Newsletter

This year’s annual AG tradition of celebrating with the AG team in our holiday party was a success. Despite the rain, cold & redline metro shutdown, more than 55 team members joined! The holiday cheer and pasta station were a hit, along with the more than 20 gifts given away during the AG raffle! Folks won various gifts: A crystal Decanter set, several $100 AMEX gift cards, Starbucks gift cards, Amazon gift cards, an Amazon Echo, and a Bluetooth speaker to name a few coveted items!

Thank you to all who came out

Tyhisha McBride was this year’s AG Melvin Blowe Award winner (granted with a nice $500 cash gift)! Tyhisha, a AG team member out of Philly, has gone above and beyond to train, assist, and support team members. Ms. McBride has created efficiencies, learned new systems, trained coworkers all while maintaining a jovial demeanor. Our client at Naval Surface Weapons Center has recognized her efforts and expressed so much appreciation for Ms. McBride’s invaluable contribution.

Eslynn McCall & Katherine Kay were this year’s winners of the AG Values Award for exceptionally embodying Teamwork & Collaboration! Their AG colleagues nominated them to recognize and express their appreciation for such dedicated, wonderful coworkers. Work would not be the same without the magnificent contribution these two have made to their immediate teams as well as AG!

AG Sponsors Dec 2019 Military Outreach in Ft. Hood for 2nd Year

AG supports our men and women in uniform, and this is our second year in a row being a corporate sponsor for this tremendous effort to support 800 Ft. Hood families in Texas!  AG CEO Rebecca Contreras took part in the Holiday Splash Event in Ft. Hood where 1,300 bicycles and 8,000+ toys were distributed to our soldiers.
As part of the effort, one lucky single mom was the winner of a new car (shown here to the left) . At just 20 years old and 32 weeks pregnant, her husband was tragically killed in duty, and she was moved to tears while holding her newborn as she was presented with the keys to the gifted vehicle.

At AG, we are honored to serve the great men and women serving in our Armed Forces and thank them for their service to our Great Country.

God bless you all and may God continue to bless America, the land of the brave and free.

2019 Family Picnic Recap

Saturday, June 1st marked another milestone for the AG Family; it was the 4th annual summer outing for team members and their immediate families.

This year’s venue was 125-acre Montpelier Farms Family Fun Park in Upper Marlboro, Maryland; a working farm dating back to 1673.  The site was selected because it offers a vast array of activities and attractions such as a petting zoo, playground, volleyball, pedal carting, tetherball, a maze, and a picnic pavilion.

The afternoon opened with a “welcome” from Rebecca, AG CEO, who thanked everyone for coming and for their good work serving our clients, she talked about AG’s growth and expanding team, and urged team members to visit AG website for open vacancies, “You are our best source of growing the AG team, we welcome your referrals”.

Greg, AG VP/CIO, added his words of welcome and expressed how impressed and touched he was by the generosity of the AG employees during the historic gov shut down who donated over 350 hrs. PTO. With AG owners granted pay, not one single employee went without pay during the 45-day shutdown.

There were rousing games of Corn Hole played along with arts and crafts for the children; on another note, some adults had just as much fun as did young’uns. Simply Fresh, the caterer, prepared a feast of hamburgers, chicken, veggies burgers, potato salad, green salad, mac ‘n’ cheese, dessert, watermelon, iced tea, lemonade, beer and wine.

No picnic is complete without bees or ants, as can be attested to by Kenneth, seen smiling in the photo below. His father Richard Wiseman, DOJ Project Lead, took him to the playground, where he was on the receiving end of a wasp not so happy about sharing the swing set with him. Fortunately, he had no adverse reaction!

AG Managing Director Karen Rarick even took the time to give some “AG love” to some of the farm animals! AG employees at the Naval Surface Weapons Center in Philadelphia, PA don’t join us often, so we were absolutely thrilled when HR Specialist Tyhisha McBride and her family made the three-hour drive and trip to join us!

Everyone did a double take when Divya Vajja, Java Developer at AG corporate, brought a real live doppelganger – her identical twin Deepthi, pictured below.

For those who didn’t come, we’ll see you next time, and have a Happy summer!

On December 13th, the AG Team held its 2018 holiday party.

It was the biggest turnout yet, the room was elegant, cozy and festive and everyone enjoyed the pasta station, hors d’oeuvres, desserts and selfie booth. Rebecca recapped 2018’s wins and challenges, and Greg expressing his deep appreciation of the staff’s efforts. Three AG employees were recognized for their significant contributions – Lev Tannen received The Melvin Blowe Memorial Award, and both Sandy Aycock and Kelley Junod received the AG Values Award for Innovation. A few team members read poems about AG 2018 happenings, and one creative team member regaled the crowd with a witty jingle about the 12 months of AG which was so funny others joined in to accompany her. By all accounts, it was the best holiday party yet!

AG Team’s 2018 Annual Summer Outing

71 AG team/family came to Nationals Park to watch the Washington Nationals play the Philadelphia Phillies on Saturday, 6/23/18. With tickets in hand, loaded with $25 to spend on concessions or memorabilia, the AG team came from every corner of the DMV area – rookies and veterans alike – to watch the game, enjoy ballpark food, and meet each other’s families.  Leading up to the event rain was predicted, but the AG team’s dugout was strategically located under shaded cover, and the weather held up. AG’s all-star roster fared better than the Nationals, who lost 5-3 to the Phillies. We were thrilled that our team enjoyed a day at the ball park and all had a great time!

2017 Holiday Event

Rebecca Contreras, Karen Basehore, Sha’Ron Ambers-Blowe

Rebecca Contreras, Karen Rarick, Karen Basehore

Rebecca Contreras, AG CEO, presents the Melvin Blowe Memorial Award to AG Project Lead Karen Basehore for her tremendous work at the National Guard Bureau’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program. The award honored dedicated AG employee Melvin Blowe, who passed away last Spring, and exemplified an unwavering commitment to excellence, work ethic and customer service. Melvin Blowe’s widow, Sha’Ron Ambers-Blowe, and her daughter were in attendance for the presentation.
Greg Portnoy, AG VP/CIO, at the 2017 AG holiday party, held a wine tasting of Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Merlot to demonstrate how to purchase fine red wines without the breaking the bank. We LOVED his yummy selections – so fun!
Group photo from the 2017 AG holiday party…wow – has the team grown!
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