Army Predictive Model Using AG’s WMO

The Client’s Need

The Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology, Resources Integration, Human Capital Directorate sought the need to develop manning structures for their Army Acquisition Workforce to improve and enhance manpower models to facilitate forecasting and validating of the US Army Manpower requirements.  To forecast their workforce, the Army uses a predictive resource staffing model (PRSM) to calculate their current workforce requirement as well as predict the need for standing up staffing for new product requirements. The current system was Excel-based, difficult to use and the prediction was often inaccurate. AvantGarde was acquired to review their particular PRSM model and provide long term improvements using our Workforce Management Office (WMO) platform.

Our Approach

Clearly understanding Army Acquisition’s long-term outcomes helped us understand the longer term outcomes of the Army Acquisition team so that performance objectives could align to long term needs of the PRSM project.  Our approach included:

  • Web-based predictive model with an easy-to-use interface, clear workflow, dashboard, and reporting which will replace the current Excel-based format
  • Back-end statistical model that produces a clearer and more accurate prediction
  • Competency capability that can translate organizational competencies into performance
  • Access to our WMO platform, which was used for data collection and allowed for immediate access to workforce management reporting, data analytics, competency assessments and budget planning in our “what-if” scenario engine
  • Two additional on-line surveys specifically created to assist in ease of data collection
  • On-line training with how-to videos to ensure the surveys and PRSM model are easy and intuitive to use
  • Data collection process that is streamlined and cost-effective
  • Individualized data collection that more closely aligns to unique workforce capabilities, drivers and needs to the resource prediction that is created
  • Iterative and agile project management approach that focused on client outcomes and alignment to performance objectives over a rigid plan

The Result

The AvantGarde Team is in the middle of collecting this data and producing the PRSM model for our Army client.  Our web based data collection and PRSM development team have been working tirelessly to build a product that produced the data collection results in a streamlined manner, providing statistical analysis on data elements at a departmental level, and introducing this web-based tool in an iterative manner to ensure maximum value.  This has truly been a team effort between AvantGarde and Army and we look forward to the long-term result this important project will produce.

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