Another Missive From The HC Dining Room Table – Very Delayed

By Colin Waitt – Director of Strategic Growth

It is very easy to get so engrossed in the day to day and forget to look up and stop and think. This seems to be especially so when working remote. You would think that it would be the opposite; but it is not. On starts the day early – no commute. And with modern technology, phone, Zoom, Microsoft teams, skype etc you just go from one call/meeting to the next. Then you get up answer the call for nature, grab a bite to eat and then on it goes. You would have thought that you would have more time to think about “the meaning of life”. Not so. In this time when history of how work is being done. Transformed really. We have discussed before all the expected changes that he government agencies and the HR offices have to juggle and implement with the new now.  OMB directions, unions, return to work, telework, new initiatives, the unknown. It is interesting though how quiet the chatter is. Two recent events in the spirit of networking and sharing what is out there that might help in what I now believe is a “revolution” not an “evolution” of change. The first is an excellent presentation by Bill Eggars and JoeMariani from Deloitte on Seeing the Intelligence Workforce of the Future

A key area is the pace of change or the “volume of chatter. Are we able to stop- pause – think and direct the transformation. To what I think is key – “changing with the context”. Can we? Can we hear the signal from the noise? Can we pause and pounce? Not sure? Who is reimagining the workforce based upon all the radical shifts that keep on coming?  Are we basing our thinking on yesterday?

But some agencies like NASA and HHS are transforming, others I am sure are. It was refreshing to listen to Blair Duncan – HHS CHCO and  Bahar Niakan the HHS DCHCO on their great efforts on Transforming HR through Innovation and Modernization and importantly putting the customer first.

Importantly they are very receptive for anyone out there who would like to know more. Reach out and they are willing to share for those of you able to take a breath and ruminate. So in one hand as in the final slide below we have real details of new ideas that could be useful to agencies as they assimilate what the new is and means to them as they work out how to execute their mission with new rules.

So after all this is there a message. What is the signal through the noise.  I guess that no one should feel alone despite being alone. If that makes sense !!. Everyone is working really hard in this “revolution, and trying to prioritize, and work out which way is up. But people can help you think through if you are working hard doing maybe the wrong things right ,when it is best to stop and change and in this revolution start to do the right things right.

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