Karen S. Rarick
Corporate Managing Director

A seasoned strategic human capital and organizational development professional, Ms. Rarick hasĀ over 20 years of experience working with public and private sector entities. Ms. Rarick is a Managing Director at AvantGarde, LLC where she consults on and manages a span of projects and contracts for federal clients in the areas of strategic human capital programs, workforce assessment and planning, organizational transformation, human resource strategic management, and other key human capital areas.

Ms. Rarick is responsible for overseeing and consulting on several projects with AvantGarde to include: Department of Agriculture, Department of Defense, Department of Commerce, and House of Representatives. Under her leadership, AvantGarde team members assist various organizations from a human capital and workforce planning perspective to become more efficient and effective in their service delivery. Specific focus includes organizational transformation, workforce and staffing analysis, eLearning, strategic human capital management, change management and communications.

Ms. Rarick graduated from University of California, San Diego with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Johns Hopkins University where she received an Master of Science in Organizational Development and Strategic Human Resources.

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