We are proud to share the contracts won during 2019.

GSA Human Capital and Training Solutions (HCaTS) SB Pool 1

July 2019, the U.S. General Services Administration selected AG as a “Best in Class” Provider to the Human Capital and Training Solutions (HCaTS) Small Business (SB) Pool 1 contract. HCaTS is a government-wide contract that provides reliable, flexible, fast, and efficient human capital and training services to all federal agencies. AG is one of only 24 new vendors on-ramped to HCaTS SB Pool 1.

GSA Army Predictive Staff Modeling

September 2019, the U.S. Army awarded the AG Team an 8(a) direct award to enhance its predictive modeling capabilities through the deployment of AG’s proprietary platform, the Workforce Management Office (WMO). Utilizing the WMO, AG will assist in manpower analysis and planning to further the organization’s readiness and responsiveness to changes in mission requirements.

DOT Federal Financial Management and Budget Oversight

AG is continuing its longstanding partnership with the U.S. Department of Transportation with a newly awarded direct 8(a) separate multiyear contract. The AG Team will be assisting the agency in strengthening its internal controls and budgetary oversight across its finance offices through process analysis, standardization and training support in federal management.AOC Human Capital and Talent Management Support

As a trusted advisor and proven strategic partner, AG was once again selected through a competitive process as “vendor of choice” by the Architect of the Capitol (AOC) for human capital management support. For the past two years, the AG Team has provided value-add services to AOC that span the entire talent management lifecycle. With a newly awarded multi-year contract in place, AG will continue to deliver HR solutions that are on time and within budget to meet AOC’s workforce needs. DOE Human Resources Support

AG welcomes DOE as one of its newest clients! The AG Team will be working with the agency supporting the DOE Oak Ridge SSC to optimize its HR Operations through surge support in broad-based human capital management and program management. With its ability to quickly mobilize and execute a streamlined service delivery model, the AG Team will help the agency efficiently scale up its HR services. AvantGarde’s Strategic Planning Work on the Hill

In May of 2019, AG won a broad-based contract to provide strategic planning support for a Title 2 agency on Capitol Hill. AG will help the agency develop several department-wide strategic plans to set forth a clear direction that is flexible yet sustainable and can be replicated at various levels across the organization. With AG’s expertise and guidance, this planning process will drive the agency today towards delivering the mission of tomorrow. NSF Human Resources Management Support

Since 2015, AG has worked alongside NSF in executing federal HR solutions across three of its branches. On September 2019, NSF awarded AG a direct 8(a), multi-year contract to continue its on-the-ground support to the Office of Information and Resource Management. To NSF’s ongoing requirements, the AG Team brings broad technical knowledge and expertise across a diverse away of HR functional areas that offers the agency an integrated “one-stop shop” solution to its human capital management needs.DOT Technical and Administrative Support Services

In June of 2019, AG was awarded under the existing AG BPA in OST continuation of support to OST in support of the needs of its Executive and Political Resources. Since 2014, the AG Team has provided technical and administrative support in Executive HR Operations for the agency. With its high personalized approach to customer service, AG will continue to deliver valuable expertise and robust HR solutions to support the DOT mission.

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