National Women’s Business Council (NWBC)

AG CEO Rebecca Contreras was recently named Chair of the NWBC’s Access to Capital Subcommittee. This year, the Committee will tackle the three key issues below that affect women in business.  NWBC has two other NWBC subcommittees undertaking issues important to women in business. NWBC’s Commit, and they are ready to tackle these critical issues and make recommendations to Congress, POTUS and SBA.

  1. Federal Government Procurement laws, rules and flexibilities – Currently only .03% of federal contract awards go to certified WOSBs. The Committee is working to increase the number of federal contracts and contract dollars awarded to WOSB doing business with the federal government by recommending enforcement and implementation by SBA of federal WOSB rules and flexibilities and the five-year runway legislation enacted into law 2019.
  2. Access to Capital – The Committee is looking to expand angel investor tax credits for investing in women owned business, specifically crowdfunding.  Studies show women raise more capital in crowdfunding campaigns than men, however, money for crowdfunding participation rates by women are extremely low for women-owned small business.
  3. Angel credits – The Committee is exploring recommendations to expand tax credits for those investing in startup women-owned small business.