We are proud to share the recognition we receive for our achievements and community service.

2017 Holiday Event

Rebecca Contreras, Karen Basehore, Sha’Ron Ambers-Blowe

Rebecca Contreras, Karen Rarick, Karen Basehore

Rebecca Contreras, AG CEO, presents the Melvin Blowe Memorial Award to AG Project Lead Karen Basehore for her tremendous work at the National Guard Bureau’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program. The award honored dedicated AG employee Melvin Blowe, who passed away last Spring, and exemplified an unwavering commitment to excellence, work ethic and customer service. Melvin Blowe’s widow, Sha’Ron Ambers-Blowe, and her daughter were in attendance for the presentation.

Greg Portnoy, AG VP/CIO, at the 2017 AG holiday party, held a wine tasting of Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Merlot to demonstrate how to purchase fine red wines without the breaking the bank. We LOVED his yummy selections – so fun!

Group photo from the 2017 AG holiday party…wow – has the team grown!

Other Events

Women Profiles In Power Awardee August 2017 – Central Texas

Austin Business Journal’s released their “Women Profiles in Power” Nominees for 2017, a list of 85 amazing business women and entrepreneurs in the Central Texas area. AG President & CEO, Ms. Rebecca Contreras was on the list nominated and selected as one of five award winners. To read more click here.

MED Week 2017 Minority Federal Contractor Award TX

AG CEO Rebecca Contreras with Anthony Ruiz, SBA Director and SBA Specialist Eric Spencer, Texas Regional Office  – Covering Austin, San Antonio and surrounding cities

Minority Contractor of the Year for 2017

AvantGarde received in September 2017 the “Minority Contractor of the Year for 2017 from the -Minority Enterprise Development Consortium, Department of Commerce, San Antonio Texas”

Latina Entrepreneurial Excellence Award 2015

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, in conjunction with the Texas Small Business Forum, honored AG President & CEO, Ms. Rebecca Contreras, with the Texas “Latina Entrepreneurial Excellence Award” for 2015.